When the “Drill, baby, drill…” crowd falls silent

As has been noted on various news and web organizations, Palin and company have been suspiciously silent of late.  Their call to arms – “Drill, baby, drill”  has not been echoing across the jumbled placards of their ludicrous, uninformed, and often scary, Tea Party clans.

Instead, and somewhat surprising, a voice of reason has risen from one of their own.   This quote from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, taken from a recent AFP news story

….California officials had been in favor of the proposed drilling project off the coast of Santa Barbara, northwest of Los Angeles, saying it could help raise 100 million dollars towards narrowing California’s budget deficit.  But the Gulf of Mexico disaster has convinced the governor more drilling is not the answer.

“It will not happen here in California,” Schwarzenegger said at a news conference. “You turn on the television and you see this enormous disaster and you say to yourself ‘Why would we want to take that risk?’ The risk is much greater than the money is worth.”

Did I read that right?  “…Much greater than the money is worth…” This out of the mouth of a Republican?  Before the President pushes for an energy bill that concedes anything to the oil industry, perhaps President Obama needs to look to the west.  Accept it or not, California remains the progressive conscious of the country.  After all, how many Eastern or Southern states can boast Republican governors that, on occasion, make sense?

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