The Hong Kong Sanction

My third novel, published in 1997.

Peking, 1898.  Deep in the heart of the Forbidden City, the Dowager Empress faces the fruit of her darkest secret: an illegitimate son.  To safeguard that secret, a deed is written… a paper that gives the British permanent possession of Honk Kong.  But within days, blood has been violently shed and the document has vanished.

Hong Kong, 1998.  Lindsay Chase was the CIA’s secret weapon in China until a sniper’s bullet put him out of commission.  Now, one short year later, as Britain’s 99-year lease expires and China prepares to take possession, the death of a CIA informer brings Chase back to an island churning with corruption and intrigue.  Hunting the double-agents who deep-sixed his career while probing a vicious murder, he enters a chilling labyrinth of ruthless assassins, unaware that the fate of Hong Kong is in his hands.

From seething city streets to the ancient temples of Mainland China, no one can be trusted – not even the exquisite Asian beauty who holds the key that may unlock a century-old secret and tip the scales in a deadly game for the highest stakes of all: the future of Hong Kong.

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